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Новость10 days ago
Without Declaration of War: Duma Severely Limits Citizen’s Electoral Rights
Official Statement of GOLOS Movement
Новость2 months ago
The turnout was overestimated almost on 3 million people in 10 regions during 2018 presidential elections
Summary results of the sample check of video recordings from polling stations from the 2018 election of the President of the Russian Federation
Новость2 months ago
The Golos Movement is about the inadmissibility of holding all-Russian voting under conditions of the coronavirus pandemic
Statement of The Movement for Defence of Voters' Rights "Golos"
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Новость2 months ago
The Golos Movement about significant shortcomings in the procedure of all-Russian voting
Statement of significant shortcomings of the proposed nationwide voting procedure
Новость2 months ago
Results of the Golos movement conference: rotation and all-Russian status
The Charter of the movement was also amended and executive and audit boards were elected for the next three years