Movement for Defence of Voters' Rights "Golos"
Правила выборов
Ход кампании
Хроника дня голосования
Хроника дня голосования
Карта нарушений на выборах
December 08, 2016 18:24
6 persons were awarded medal ‘Defender of Free Elections’
December 06, 2016 11:29
St. Petersburg hosted the second Citizen Observers Forum
November 23, 2016 22:13
‘Golos’ asks for rescuing ballot papers from floods in Dagestan
November 21, 2016 18:14
Election Commission of Bashkortostan understood ‘Golos’
November 18, 2016 15:15
‘Golos’ coordinator in Irkutsk was dismissed from university after denunciation
November 15, 2016 06:56
‘Golos’ Platform ‘All-Russian Citizen Election Forum’ underway
November 10, 2016 07:39
Georgia Parliamentary Election (Second Round) Observation Report
November 10, 2016 07:33
Elections to State Duma in Bashkortostan: shady vote results at 68 PECs
November 08, 2016 16:51
US Elections: What American election observers are anxious about?
November 08, 2016 14:00
US Presidential Elections: Early voters queuing up
November 07, 2016 23:57
US Elections: The work of election commissions
November 02, 2016 23:36
Federal Service for Supervision over Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communication imposed a fine to the newspaper ‘Capital of United Russia’
November 02, 2016 14:29
‘Golos’ request for CEC action in Korolev
October 26, 2016 23:15
CEC considers amending the rules on tenure of precinct election officials

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