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Новость5 days ago
Statement on findings of election observation on the Single Voting Day, 19 September 2021
Regretfully, in its primary assessment of the current elections, Golos movement has to state that it cannot consider them genuinely free and fully compliant neither with the Constitution and legislation of the Russian Federation nor with the international electoral standards
Новость6 days ago
Citizen observation, Single Voting Day 2021: Express Review III, as of 9 p. m. Moscow time
On the third day of voting on September 19 as of 20:00 Moscow time Golos movement received 2,143 reports to the hotline (total call time amounted to 3 days 3 hours and 28 minutes) and 1,138 reports to the «Map of Violations» and other electronic channels
Новость6 days ago
Citizen observation, Single Voting Day 2021: Express Review II, as of 3 p. m. Moscow time
On 19 September, the third day of voting (by 3pm, Moscow time), Golos received 1,215 notifications by the hotline, and 590 via the Map of Violations and other online tools
Новость7 days ago
Express overview of citizen observation on the second day of voting, September 18, 2021
On the second day of voting dated September 18 (at 9 PM, Moscow time), the Golos movement received 980 calls. The total duration of calls is of 2 days, 2 hours and 51 minutes. Also 911 messages were received by both the "Map of violations" and other electronic sources
Новость7 days ago
Citizen observation, Single Voting Day 2021: Express Review I, as of 10 a. m. Moscow time
On the third day of voting on September 19 from 00:00 to 10:00 Moscow time the "Golos" movement received 247 appeals to the hotline and 240 messages to the "Map of Violations".
Новость7 days ago
Statement: Golos targeted by new smear campaign
We ask the Prosecutor General’s Office, bodies of the Ministry of Interior of Russia and the Investigative Committee of Russia to make an enquiry into cases of spreading deliberately falsified information that undermines the reputation of the movement Golos
Мнение3 days ago
Here is the picture with data from 96,840 polling stations (107.9 million registered voters out of 109.2 million known to CEC)
Sergey Shpilkin
Arkady Lubarev
Grigory Melkonyants
Новость2 months ago
«New disenfranchised»: why do Russian citizens massively become ineligible to be elected in the elections in 2021
This report is devoted to assessing the extent to which the existing grounds for depriving citizens of the passive electoral right is applied
ДокладАгитация4 years ago
Election campaigning for the single voting day, September 10, 2017
Analytical report
ДокладДопуск кандидатов4 years ago
Nomination and registration of candidates and political parties in elections to the representative bodies of the government
Analytical report. Single Voting Day of September 10, 2017
Единый день голосования
19 сентября
Российская Федерация

Выборы в Государственную думу России VIII созыва пройдут в единый день голосования 19 сентября 2021 года.

Кроме того, в 12 регионах будут выбирать глав — в Белгородской, Пензенской, Тверской, Тульской и Ульяновской областях, а также в Мордовии, Тыве, Чечне и Хабаровском крае голосования будут прямыми; в Дагестане, Северной Осетии и Карачаево-Черкесии глав республик определит региональный парламент.

В 39 регионах пройдут выборы депутатов законодательных органов власти.