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Новость27 ноября 2019, 14:44

At the meeting trial on 25 November, defense witnesses were heard: mother of human rights defender Nila Udot and programmer Alexander Gerasev. The victims did not appear, although the court ordered them to come to each hearing. Their interests were represented by lawyer Władysław Polukhin. Correspondents of new agency "Zakon" told how the meeting trial took place.

"I was told that the son is the enemy of the people" - Roman Udot's mother

After the release of NTV's slanderous films, Nila Udot faced pressure. She was cursed by a friend:

"The news on NTV was that my son is the enemy of the people and enjoys foreign money. My friend sent me a curse. She promised to burn my apartment in Krasnodar, cursed my children. She wished the elevator to fall down with me, my son to be put in jail. She called me twice after NTV films."

The call printout was attached to the case file.

Nila Udot said that in fact the apartment was bought with her money, obtained from the sale of the apartment in Izhevsk and shares.

The court refused to attach the recovered files

As we already told, Roman Udot discovered that some of the files on the flash drive he was given to study had been deleted. He recovered these materials and saw that they state in support of he - the video shows that the "victim" is not afraid of Roman and continues to press him even after he refused to answer questions.

The most provocative thing: the files disappeared after the flash drive was attached to the case file.

Software developer Alexander Gerasev, who works in the group of companies Yandex spoke on the meeting trial. He explained what the flash drive data table was talking about.

The court refused to look at the recovered files and attach them because they were "obtained from an unknown source."

Lawyer Maxim Pashkov requested for a forensic engineering evaluation of the flash drive to establish the origin of the files, but the judge refused to do so.

Falsification of the case

Lawyer Maxim Pashkov demanded to call to testify a witness Matveev - a police officer who saw Udot and Miroshnichenko going together, and Roman did not pose any threat to journalist. There is no record of his interrogation in the case.

In addition, the defense demanded to call the investigator Kazakova - the flash drive with the video was at her disposal when the files were removed from it - and deputy head of the Linear Division of the MIA Sheremetyevo airport Akhmedov.

Also, lawyer Pashkov tried to find out how Zhuravlev was recognized as a victim if there was nothing about the threat in his testimony.

The court rejected all the defense’s applications.

Video where the victim does not fear

Roman presented another video of the conflict, which previously was not allowed to attach to the case file. It contains all elements of the conflict. The recording was conducted by Roman Udot:

"My video shows that Miroshnichenko does not experience any fright. These videos are good evidence of my innocence."

Here's a part of this video:

The recording was shown in court and admitted to the case, despite the objections of the prosecutor and the victim's lawyer.

10 minutes for developing the legal position

The defence stated that was not ready for the hearing of arguments and asked for at least a day to prepare. The prosecutor supported the position of the defence, as it takes time to agree on the position of the prosecution.

The judge gave 10 minutes to do so and announced a break.

After that, the judge proposed to proceed to the hearing of arguments, but suddenly, it turned out that there was no lawyer for the victims. The judge announced another break to find the victim's lawyer. Soon he was found, and the meeting trial continued - it had been going on for more than 6 hours without a break for lunch.

Hearing of arguments

The prosecutor asked to confess guilt and impose a penalty of 350 hours of correctional labour.

Roman Udot:

"We are dealing with false report to the authorities and falsification of evidence. We see that victims have no fear for their lives. Miroshnichenko was absolutely calm. At the same time her colleague Zhuravlev carefully films everything: he did not stop shooting and did not spring to defence her. He states that he was worried about her life, but he experienced fright only when questioned on 10 May.
I believe that there is no crime in my actions. The point of my statement was - you're doing wrong, stop this. I said those words, and I know worse. If people were imprisoned only for words, prisons would be overcrowded. I was kept waiting until September, elections passed, and then I was started being judged in an accelerated order. "

Roman Udot showed discrepancies in the documents of the criminal case: in particular, the documents contain different signatures of the same investigator. The judge doesn't look at the documents.

Roman demonstrates the different signatures of the warrant officer Matveev, who arrived at the store of Sheremetyevo, where the conflict occurred. Recall that the defence asked to call him to court, but the application was rejected.

The judge stated that the fraud of the documents was not the subject of this criminal case. Lawyer noted that it was, just the court rejected the application for it. In response, the judge raised her voice for the first time.

Roman Udot:

"My criminal case is rigged. We called to court Matveev and Akhmedov not for nothing, but we were refused. No one took my words seriously. Police officers planned to file a robbery case, but I came to the police myself. So they included double readings. When they realized that the case went from the robbery to a murder threat, they decided to erase the unnecessary files from the flash drive."

Lawyer Maxim Pashkov:

"After his phrase (which was perceived as a murder threat - ed.) Udot turned and went the other way from Miroshnichenko. She pushed the guard away and went towards Udot. There is no word about murder threats in Miroshnichenko's statement. Udot did not even approach to Zhuravlev. The court avoided the inspection, although we have suspicions of falsification of the case file.
If the lie is at the root of the criminal case, then at the exit the lie turns out too. Miroshnichenko as glued went after Udot and was not worried that she had just been promised to kill. Zhuravlev did not talk about any threats anywhere. How did he even turn out to be a victim?
No one is obliged to speak to journalists. Udot peacefully enough first asked to move away, then repeated it through his teeth, and then fly off the handle. Among other things they violated the Charter of Television Broadcasters, which was signed by all TV companies, including NTV."

The collected evidences do not prove Roman Udot's guilt, the lawyer summed up.

Roman Udot's Last Word

"NTV employees were looking for State Department money, but found the money of a Soviet retiree, and set one retiree against another. I don't plead guilty. It is unacceptable to falsify."

The court went out for sentencing.

The sentence will be pronounced on November 28 at 15.00

The meeting trial was broadcast by news agency "Zakon"