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Новость24 ноября 2019, 12:46

Roman Udot spoke to the press and told how almost all the files disappeared from the flash drive, which is material evidence. But let's start from the beginning.

Member of the council of the movement “Golos” Roman Udot is accused of murder threat to pseudo-journalists of NTV Russian TV channel Alexandra Miroshnichenko and Edward Zhuravlev. They assert they really feared for their lives after a verbal confrontation at Sheremetyevo Airport in March 2018. But recovered files which they tried to delete completely refute this.

The next trial meeting on Roman's case was postponed to November, 25, as lawyer Maxim Paskov is engaged in another trial and could not come. Why the judge did not immediately postpone the hearing, and did this only today, remains a mystery.

Two NTV film teams came to the meeting trial, excluding "victims." The small hall could not place everyone, someone had to stand in the corridor. The court passed quickly - the judge read the request of the lawyer to postpone the date and time, the prosecutor supported this, explaining that if the court takes place today, "the right of Roman Nikolayevich to a defense will be violated."

Disappeared files

In May 2018 the victim Alexandra Miroshnichenko asked to add in the case file a disc with a video recording, which her colleague Edward Zhuravlev led at Sheremetyevo Airport. Apparently, according to the logic of the journalist, the recording will help the court to establish the truth. During the familiarization with the case file Roman Udot was allowed to make a copy of all documents, including a removable media. On the flash drive Roman discovered erased files that were deleted after the media was attached to the case file:

"The files were erased after July 2018, that is, after the materials were attached to the case file. There should have been no invasion into material media and physical evidence after attachment. There were seven files in total, and since I was allowed to copy everything, I copied everything. You can see that the last date of access is July, 31 2018."

Roman explained that it is technically possible to copy all files, including erased ones. All files were in excellent condition and I managed to easily copy them, summed up Udot.

What is on deleted frames?

The main point of the whole process - "victims" try to prove that Roman threatened them, and they were indeed in deadly danger. But the deleted fragments show that Miroshnichenko is not afraid of the human rights defender and continues to pursue him even after he refused to answer questions. Here 's this video:

Apparently, these files were erased, as they contradict the fabula of the charge, Roman is sure. As a result, only one file remained on the flash drive, which is used in court.

We do not know the date of deletion, but it can be seen that the last access to the files was on July, 31 2018.


  • March 20, 2018 — there was a conflict in Sheremetyevo Airport
  • March 21, 2018 — files moved from Miroshnichenko's phone to flash drive
  • April 20, 2018 — Criminal case initiated
  • May 12, 2018 — flash drive is attached to the case file
  • July 31, 2018 — Files viewed
  • September 2019 — Roman gained access to a flash drive, files have already disappeared.

We asked the "victims" how these files got on the flash drive and who then deleted them. NTV employees replied that they remember nothing, and the phone from which the recording was carried out is stored somewhere in the warehouse, Roman continued.

Reaction of the Prosecutor

Lawyer Pashkov told the prosecutor about the fact that some of the file evidence disappeared. The state prosecutor did not react to this information.

"Apparently, such cases are a common practice. At most, it will be represented as a technical error, as it happened to the non-existent witness Sergei, who accidentally got into the case file on 123 page. As the investigator admitted, he was the one who so imprudently "cleaned the draft" of the previous case. All falsifications of the case they explain as technical mistakes,"- Roman Udot believes.

Next meeting to be held on November 25 at 11.05 

at the Khimki district court at Khimki, Spartakovskaya str. 1.