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Новость07 September 2021, 14:00

The "Golos" movement has launched a new project – a service named “УИКнаш“ (The Precinct Election Commission Is Ours). It is designed to help all voters exercise their constitutional right to control the elections on September 17, 18, and 19.

Our common task is to cover as many polling stations with observers as possible. We believe that it’s best to protect your vote, and the votes of your relatives and neighbors, at the polling station where you live and vote. According to the law, it is the individual voter who, in case electoral fraud is discovered, has the greatest power to defend the Constitution, see that the will of the people is observed, and that wrongdoers are punished. Besides, it is more convenient to observe at a polling station near one's home.

“УИКнаш“ will help you:

  • choose a polling station and sign up as an observer
  • learn about turnout and results of previous elections 
  • learn how to prepare to observe by taking a training course
  • report violations
  • get legal assistance and support during voting days

“УИКнаш“ works according to the principles of crowdsourcing: everyone chooses the polling station where he or she wants to observe, while the parties and candidates interested in fair elections give the assignment to the polling station.

There are two steps to signing up to be an observer:

  • Go to and select your polling station. The precinct card shows local turnout and previous election results.
  • Follow a unique link from the precinct page to the “УИКнаш“ telegram bot and follow the instructions.

The presence of real observers at polling stations deters falsifiers. There are many examples where the turnout and voting results at neighboring polling stations differed by vast numbers: at some polling stations there were independent observers, while at others there were not. The more honest observers there are, the more reliable the results will be.

Join in a large-scale monitoring of the September 17, 18, and 19 elections and observe where you vote!