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Russia’s Central Election Commission Refuses Presidential Elections Accreditation for Molniya Media

Russia’s Central Election Commission failed to accredit Molniya media outlet to work at the polling stations during presidential elections of March 18. The Commission failed to respond to request for accreditation within the established deadlines, and decided to use regular mail to deliver the explanation for its refusal. 

If you had previously left a request to receive the journalist status that would give you the right to be present at the polling station, you should contact your regional Golos coordinator (all contacts are available at the “Regions” tab page). He will help you to find a party or a candidate who will provide you with public observer assignment or allow you to join an election commission with a consultative vote. 

If you cannot become a member of election commission (such restrictions apply, for example, to municipal deputies), we hope to see you in our Moscow call center where you’ll be able to help the public observers at the polling stations. We’ll be especially happy to see practicing lawyers in this capacity.

You can also take part in the “Real Voter Turnout” project and join our video monitoring team. 

It should be noted that the Central Election Commission also failed to accredit the Leviathan media outlet, created by the opposition activist Alexei Navalny. Navalny planned to send 4,500 people with a status of media representatives to the polling stations around the country.