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Presidential election in Russia 2018: The latest from the campaign trail

The movement "Golos" organized public election monitoring of all stages of the election campaign in the Russian Federation. The movement issues analytical reports and special statements for each of the significant election aspects with an assessment of compliance with the standards and principles of free and equal democratic elections.

Reference table (updated January 16, 2018, rus) on the nomination of candidates.

The period of document submission from self-nominated candidates ended on January 7, and the period for submission from candidates nominated by political parties ended on January 12. In total, 36 candidates submitted documents to the CEC of Russia: 22 from political parties (one candidate was nominated again from another party after the first refusal) and 15 self-nominated candidates. Two self-nominated candidates and 13 party candidates were officially allowed to start signature collection. Candidates had until January 31 to submit the signatures to the CEC of Russia. Compared to the presidential campaign of 2012, when only six candidates collected signatures and only three signature lists were submitted to the CEC of Russia, some progress was made during this campaign, in which 15 people were allowed to collect signatures, and six candidates submitted their signatures to the CEC of Russia, all six of which were registered. Two more candidates were registered on a "parliamentary privilege" without collecting signatures.

As a result, the Central Election Commission registered eight presidential candidates:

  1. Sergey Nikolaevich Baburin (“All-Russian People's Union”)
  2. Pavel Nikolaevich Grudinin (“Communist Party of the Russian Federation”)
  3. Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky (“LDPR”)
  4. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (self-nomination)
  5. Ksenia Anatolievna Sobchak (“Civic Initiative”)
  6. Maxim Alexandrovich Suraykin (“Communists of Russia”)
  7. Boris Yuryevich Titov (“Party of Growth”)
  8. Grigory Alekseevich Yavlinsky (“Yabloko”)

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