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‘Golos’ urges CEC to elucidate the awards given to perpetrators

The movement advocating for voters' rights 'Golos' urges the CEC to elucidate the awards given to election commission officials who failed to perform their duties.

The decision to award election officials was posted on the CEC website, with reference to the secretary of Tolovsky territorial commission of Voronezh region, Elena Anuchina.

In the beginning of January, the Voronezh regional court passed a ruling concerning the territorial election commission of Talovsky district. The court ruled that 'the alleged violations raise doubts upon the legitimacy of election results, capacity of the territorial commission as a public authority to secure free and fair elections and, therefore, result in complaints and disputes to be resolved by court'.

In 2013, a similar situation emerged, when Vladmir Churov held the office of Central Election Commission chairman. That year, in Kazan, a PEC chairman Irina Komarova received a letter of appreciation from CEC, while evidenced massive fraud was reported at this particular polling station.

'To address a letter of appreciation for successful preparatory and organizational efforts during the election campaigns from the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation ... to Irina Genadevna Komarova, the chairman of the polling station No. 127 of the Kirov district in Kazan city'.