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Election Commission of Moscow region refused to dismiss the chairman of Korolyov TEC

by Natalya Tikhonova

The election commission of Moscow region announced its refusal to dismiss the chairman of Korolyov territorial election commission, Zhana Prokofieva. The decision was published on the official website of the commission.

On January 25, the chairwoman of Russian CEC Ella Pamfilova urged to address the situation in Korolyov where recurrent violations emerge and proposed to undertake disciplinary investigation against the chairperson of the territorial election commission.

However, the working group that holds disciplinary hearing, has found Prokofieva to be not in violation of any provisions and has ruled she shall remain in office, as the chairperson of Korolyov TEC.

Election commissions are independent when making decisions, therefore, no provisions were violated in this case, as the lawyer of ‘Golos’ movement Stanislaw Raczynski emphasized: ‘The election commission of territorial entity of the Russian Federation is entitled to exercise its prerogative power to appoint or dismiss a TEC chairman’.

Previously, the co-chairman of ‘Golos’ Roman Udot expressed his doubts upon the competence of the working group.

The public disapproval of election commission of Moscow region over the CEC position can negatively affect the reputation of Ella Pamfilova, in the opinion of the member of Khimki district council in Moscow region, Vladislav Naganov, as he has posted it on his Facebook page.

On the Election Day, there were some complaints about intimidation of election observers. According to the coordinators of ‘Golos’ movement, on the polling day, 18 September, in Korolyov, election observers were expelled from 12 polling stations. In the city, five administrative protocols were filed for alleged interference with the work of election commissions (Article 5.69 of the Administrative Code).

The movement ‘Golos’ urged to resolve the situation.