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CEC expressed its gratitude to citizen election observers

On 2 December, CEC posted on its website, that the CEC chairperson Ella Pamfilova expressed her gratitude to election observation movements such as ‘Golos’, ‘Sonar’, ‘Citizen Observer’, ‘Observers of St. Petersburg and the Northwest region’, the initiator of the project ‘Nabla’ and a member of St. Petersburg PEC No. 2123.

The chairwoman of CEC expressed her gratitude to the member of St. Petersburg city PEC No. 2123 Alexei Moldavskiy for his great contribution to the electoral assistance during the Russian elections. Recently, Mr. Moldovskiy was awarded the medal ‘Defender of Free Elections’ for his adherence to the rule of law and respect for transparent vote count in the 18 September Elections.

The co-chairs of ‘Golos’ movement board Andrei Buzin, Arkady Lyubarev and Gregory Melkonyants were recognized for their significant contribution to the electoral assistance initiatives in Russia.

In addition, CEC expressed its gratitude for great electoral assistance efforts of: the founder of the NGO ‘Observers of Saint Petersburg and the Northwest region’ Alexander Krylenkov, the coordinators of the project ‘Citizen Observer’ Inna Kurtyukova and Michail Timonov; the representative of NGO ‘Observers of Petersburg’ Dmitry Naumov and the founder of Election Information website ‘Nabla’ Stanislaw Raczynski.