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Election Commission of Bashkortostan understood ‘Golos’

by Natalya Tikhonova

The Bashkortostan election commission agreed with the statement of movement ‘Golos’ concerning the irregularities reported during the local elections in Gafuriysky district, where the early voting was forgotten. There the votes might be annulled, whereas the chairpersons of PECs have already been dismissed.

The above mentioned was stated in the response to the complaint of co-chairman of ‘Golos’ Gregory Melkonyants. The regional election commission addressed the issue to the Prosecutor's Office to verify the allegations, which might lead to initiation of proceedings for the annulment of votes.

On 23 September, in Gufuriysky district of Bashkortostan the elections to local councils of three villages were held. ‘Golos’ activists have observed the process and issued a report.

They reported that the TEC had forgotten to hold early voting, which was provided by law. Therefore, the true will of voters could not be established. In addition, some obligatory data was missing in the final protocols of polling stations Nos. 1664 and 1669.

The regional election commission found the complaint justified and ordered to dismiss the chairman of PEC No. 1664.