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‘Golos’ asks for rescuing ballot papers from floods in Dagestan

by Natalya Tikhonova

The movement advocating for voting rights ‘Golos’ asks the CEC for urgently rescuing all the election materials from those polling stations in Dagestan, where the voting results are challenged by the election observers. Some documents of the precinct election commissions (PECs) where the election results are questioned have already been lost under strange circumstances.

On November 22, in the Kirov district court a hearing concerning the complaint of candidate for the State Duma Oleg Melnikov was held. He has requested from the territorial election commission (TEC) to issue voter lists from the polling stations Nos. 1017, 1018 and 1036 of Makhachkala city. The court found out that all the documents were flooded in the basement of district administration building.

However, a member of the supervisory commission of the Citizen Chamber of Dagestan Shamil Hadulaev visited the administration of Kirov district, spoke with the officials and found no traces of flood.

Photo: Shamil Hadulaev Photo: Shamil Hadulaev
Photo: Shamil Hadulaev Photo: Shamil Hadulaev

According to the information received by the ‘Map of Violations’ on the Election Day, 18th September, Dagestan was among those regions with the highest number of violations reported.