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Russia. In Baltiysk, in two days 41 out of 60 candidates for district councilors were ‘cut off’

In Baltiysk, the town in the Kaliningrad region, the candidates for councilors of Baltiysk municipal district of IV convocation carry out election campaign. This time it is early elections, scheduled for May 24.

In Baltiysk, in two days 41 out of 60 candidates for district councilors were ‘cut off’, as on April 15 reported Kaliningrad business website RUGRAD.EU.

The reasoning seems far-fetched, as the source reports; the candidates of United Russia are registered on the same background, based on which the other candidates are denied registration. No alternatives remain in the Election.

On 11 April 2015, the Election Commission MO ‘Baltiysk municipal district’ denied registration of 22 out of 29 candidates. Three-quarters (76%) of candidates were ruled out. The percentage of ‘United Russia’ candidates registered that day – 100% (4 out of 4 candidates). Three more registered were independent candidates.

For example, the head of the administration ‘Divnoe rural settlement’ Ivan Viktorchik, according to the election commission, indicated incorrectly the place of work. It was obvious that this was not a sufficient ground for unimpeachable denial of registration. Then the other reason was introduced. In respect to education, Viktorchik indicated ‘Higher vocational education’. The election commission referred to the word ‘vocational’ as irrelevant.

Viktorchik was denied registration, like other nine candidates, who made the same ‘mistake’, according to the commission – incorrectly indicated ‘education level’.