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Новость22 ноября 2019, 10:23
Roman Udot and Maxim Pashkov. Photo: Inna Karezina

The second session on the merits on the case of member of the council of the movement “Golos”  Roman Udot held in the Khimki district court in Moscow Oblast.

Pseudo-journalists of NTV Russian TV channel Alexandra Miroshnichenko and Edward Zhuravlev accuse him of murder threat after a verbal confrontation at Sheremetyevo Airport, where they were on the watch for the human rights defender. Previously they had already kept an eye on his family: they had molested his elderly mother and waited for his son at school.

Roman refused to answer provocators' questions in the store of Sheremetyevo Airport, ripped the phone out of the pseudo-journalist Miroshnichenko's hands and took it to the police station. He wrote a statement for the police on them about interference with private life, and they wrote on him - for theft. Six months later, this verbal confrontation turned into a criminal case of a murder threat due to Roman's careless phrase, "I will ever kill you."

Prosecution witnesses appeared in court and the hearing of arguments were held. How the meeting took place, journalists of the news agency "Zakon" told.

"Only quarrel, no fight" - Sheremetyevo Airport security

The first to testify was the head of the Sheremetyevo Airport security shift, Vasylii Ostrovsky. He confirmed that there was no fight at the airport, only verbal exchanges.

"Did he wipe or somehow show aggression?" - "No."
"How many times did he repeat the phrase "I will kill you"?" - "Three times. It was only quarrel, no fight."
"Did you defend somebody of somebody?" No. They did not approach each other. "

In court showed a video, which shows that Alexandra Miroshnichenko continues to ask questions after "threats," stalks Roman and fights. Lawyer Maxim Paskov noted that the conclusion of Vasylii Ostrovsky that the girl scared - his personal opinion.

Ostrovsky couldn 't identify the victims in the courtroom.

"They questioned and filmed something, and he asked not to film" - store seller

Then the testimony was given by Denis Shaposhnikov, the seller of the store in which the NTV film crew caught up with the human rights defender:

"There was an altercation. They asked questions, and he came to the store and wanted to buy something. They questioned and filmed something, and he asked not to film."

Witness Shaposhnikov did not remember what Roman motivated the refusal to answer questions, and whether there was a rough stuff.

"Behaved aggressively, there was something about Mom" - inspector of Sheremetyevo Airport security check service

Sheremetyevo Airport security check service inspector Legoshin stated in court that Roman Udot was more aggressive than his opponents, shouted "I will kill you," and the girl perceived the threat really.

Legoshin stated that he saw Roman grab Miroshnichenko's phone, but in court showed a video that contradicts his testimony: it shows that Legoshin came after the phone was in Roman Udot's hands, that is, he did not see the beginning of the altercation. He also failed to answer correctly where it happened (between shelves, not at the cash register).

"Copypaste from another case" - investigator

Investigator Ivan Chervinsky was called to court to explain why the case file shows the testimony of witness Sergei, but they are not. Chervinsky explained that this is a technical mistake that was not noticed in nine months of case development.

Defender: "That is, the case under article 119.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (threat of murder) was under development for nine months?"

Investigator Chervinsky: "The Code of Criminal Procedure does not prohibit this."

"He threatened to kill, to Zhuravlev - to gnaw out throat" – victim Miroshnichenko

The pseudo-journalist Alexandra Miroshnichenko at the trial was unable to explain why and how she ended up together with the cameraman at Sheremetyevo Airport, where she collided with Roman Udot. She confused in the testimony, claiming to have been there for personal purposes, while "doing her professional duty."

The court heard Miroshnichenko's testimony: in the protocols she worries about the fate of the phone, which Roman ripped out of her hands and took to the police station, and writes nothing about her life and health. That her life was in danger, Miroshnichenko realized about six months after the incident.

She refused to comment on the persecution of Roman Udot's family and other members of the movement "Golos" by NTV pseudo-journalists.

"Well, anything's possible..." - victim Zhuravlev 

Сameraman Edward Zhuravlev said that the threat "to gnaw out throat" was taken real. At the same time lawyer Maxim Pashkov noticed that Zhuravlev did not write statements on Roman, he wrote only explanations (and does not remember what he indicated there), and in fact cannot be victimed in this case.

Roman Udot noted that the case file does not contain data on the breakdown of the camera, it is said only by the victims.

Now what?

A new meeting on Roman's case will be held on November, 21 at 9 am.

This is very bad, because lawyer Maxim Pashkov immediately said that he will not be able to attend and asked to appoint a meeting for another time, but the judge did not make him advances.

We fear that in his absence Roman may receive an unfair sentence and we ask you to come and support Roman.

Khimki district court, Moscow Oblast, Khimki, Spartakovskaya str., 1

November, 21,     9:00 AM

Text broadcast in Telegram of news agency  "Zakon" (in russian)