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Новость18 ноября 2019, 10:04
Photo: Andrei Karev, Novaya gazeta

The Khimki district court in Moscow Oblast has extended house arrest of member of the council of the movement “Golos” Roman Udot for 1 month, until December 9.

He is forbidden to leave the house from 23 to 6 am, use the phone and Internet, attend mass events and communicate with the defendants.

Roman Udot asked to revoke the permits to use the means of communication, pointing to their absurd, but the court did not agree with his arguments:

“According to the Federal Penitentiary Service instruction, I can pick up the phone, but I can 't answer. When your assistant called me and asked me questions, I could only listen to her. It 's absurd.”

An absurd death threat case was brought against Roman Udot. The application was filed by NTV Russian TV channel pseudo-journalists Alexandra Miroshnichenko and Edward Zhuravlev, who attacked the human rights defender at Sheremetyevo Airport. They have long pursued Roman and his family.

The victims requested the court to consider the case in their absence, and the defence required the possibility to ask questions to the prosecutor. The Court decided that the presence of the victims was mandatory.

The defense insists on a transparent and open investigation and consideration of the case.

The witnesses of the charge did not come to court. 

The next meeting on this case will be held on 18 November at 11.05.

The text broadcast of the meeting was conducted by the news agency "Zakon".