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Новость28 February 2022, 16:03

For two days now, active hostilities have been taking place in Ukraine, Ukrainian and Russian citizens have been killed, and thousands of people have been sitting in bomb shelters.

The Golos movement, as a human rights organization, considers the outbreak of war to be an unacceptable method of resolving foreign policy disputes.

Such events always create the conditions for transferring large-scale human rights violations from outside the country inward—into Russian society: to begin to further restrict freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, and freedom of political association. All of this will ultimately lead to a situation in which the true sovereign-citizens of Russia will feel as if they were under occupation in their own country. 

We are already seeing this: in the restrictions on peaceful actions against the war and the arrests of their participants, in the attempts to censor media reports, in the very act of starting a war in our name but without our consent.

We call on everyone involved in this conflict, directly or indirectly, to make an effort for peace.

We call on the citizens of Russia not to give up and exercise their constitutional rights: to continue to express their opinions about the war, to continue to participate in the public and political life of the country. Only Russians themselves can change Russia.